What’s in the box?!

So the other day, my people put a pile of boxes on the floor & told me they were mine.

Wow!  It was like poodle Christmas in June!  So I opened them up (with help….’cuz I don’t have thumbs), and picked out my fave things.  I especially loved the Jumpin’ Ginger Snaps, the HoloBal, and the Bully Stick ring.  Watch me try them out…..

Dawgs, beg your humans to get these boxes.  They’ll need to know how much you weigh so you get the right size toys & treats, so ‘fess up.  After that, you get a box full of fido surprises every month for however long you want.  Your humans will like that the shipping’s free.  I love that they donate 10% profit from each box to a local shelter or rescue!

The best part?  I didn’t even tell you about my new favorite toy that I pulled out of the last box.  More on that later…..  Woof, yeah!  ~Rusty~

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2 Responses to “What’s in the box?!”

  1. Sherry G says:

    My mini poodle Maddie wants to know if Rusty gets the small size box. Maddie is 15 pounds but thinks she is a bigger dog and sometimes likes big dog treats and toys.

  2. Rusty says:

    Hi! My mom signed me up for medium boxes. She knows I think big, & I like to play with larger toys. And, she didn’t want the chewies to be too small too quickly, just to keep me safe. I weigh about 12 pounds, and it’s worked out great so far. So Maddie, ask your mom to get you the medium box.

    Woofs & wags! ~Rusty~

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