Poodle protest!

OK, this is just wrong. I like my style, and I want to speak out now on behalf of poodles everywhere:  We are boycotting TLC’s offensive series,”Extreme Poodles”.  (If you must watch, you can catch it this Sunday, June 13, @ 6 pm PT.  And you can preview it here.)   Really – Must they promote the inevitable poodle humiliation of a bad hair day?  Sigh….  –Rusty

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  1. animal lvr says:

    Just want to say that I completely agree! I was enraged when I first heard about this show and I refuse to watch it. No dog wants to exploited in this manner and it just really peeves me. I knew that if I googled “extreme poodles protest” something like this would come up. Its bad enough to dye your dogs, but to treat them like a peice of artwork in this manner is just unheard of. I for one cannot believe a network like TLC would air this. The home of “John and Kate plus 8”, and “The Little Couple” now airs this dog humiliation? I don’t think so! Well said, well said.

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