Poodle’s got game!

Wait’s over …. I’m finally showing off my catch game! It’s been a long time coming, but mom was patient with me.  I used to duck when a ball was thrown to me.  But she found a perfectly sized & weighted ball.  (Ruth wants me to tell you that this ball is non-toxic & non-abrasive for my teeth, unlike regular tennis balls.  But, it doesn’t stand up to chewing well, and I’ve gone thru quite a few already, just chewing them as I play fetch.)

Here’s how I learned:  First, mom bounced the ball near me so I could catch it after the 1st bounce.  When I got good @ that, she gently tossed it in the air so I could catch it in the air as it went by me.  No bounce required & not scary!  After awhile, I started to run toward the ball to catch it, so mom knew I was brave enough to catch it if it was tossed to me head-on.  She sat down on the floor, lightly tossed it a short distance toward me, & I grabbed it.  Now I’m a catching machine!  Mad skills, dawgs.  Mad skills.  ~Rusty~


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