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Fido film fest

Monday, May 9th, 2011

Hey, I’m hanging with my corgi bro, Elliott. We’re watching videos with mom, and I picked two of my favorites to share with you.  I love the first flick because it reminds me of when my house smelled like BACON.  But my humans didn’t tease me about it.  They delivered alternative noms.  The second vid is just ridiculous.  No self-respecting poodle would do that.  (Remember when I showed you the game I taught my dad?)  So grab some popcorn & enjoy.  Two paws up!  ~Rusty~


Beggin’ for bacon!

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011

So this is what happened at my house last weekend:  My humans cooked a pan full of bacon! The smell was epic.  I mustered up every ounce of cuteness I had, and still they didn’t share any with me.  (“Mom” said something about salt & fat not being good for dogs.  Humans, too, right, Ruth?)  But don’t worry about me.  I had just eaten an awesome breakfast (Honest Kitchen’s Preference made with freshly cooked chicken)!  Ruth gave me one of my favorite treats while they ate breakfast.  And – “Dad” gave me some of the salmon he cooked for dinner.  So it was all good!  Here’s the scene that morning.  Dawgs – I wish you had smell-o-vision!  ~Rusty~


Poodle power nap

Thursday, August 26th, 2010

Ahh… Home sweet home! My humans are back from vacation, & I’m back from the rover resort.  I had a grrr-eat time there this time.  My new friend, Paula, said I was Mr. Social, playing with all the dogs.  I didn’t swim in the pool, though – still a little nervous about it.  I need more practice in my pool @ home.  So I’m napping on the couch and Ruth’s cooking bacon. (What an amazing smell!)

Did you know today is National Dog Day? In honor of that, here’s some previously unseen footage of Bruno & I playing pool-side.  We had a blast!  Now back to napping:  What better way to celebrate Dog Day than bacon-scented doggie dreams?   –Rusty