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What’s in the box?!

Friday, June 15th, 2012

So the other day, my people put a pile of boxes on the floor & told me they were mine.

Wow!  It was like poodle Christmas in June!  So I opened them up (with help….’cuz I don’t have thumbs), and picked out my fave things.  I especially loved the Jumpin’ Ginger Snaps, the HoloBal, and the Bully Stick ring.  Watch me try them out…..

Dawgs, beg your humans to get these boxes.  They’ll need to know how much you weigh so you get the right size toys & treats, so ‘fess up.  After that, you get a box full of fido surprises every month for however long you want.  Your humans will like that the shipping’s free.  I love that they donate 10% profit from each box to a local shelter or rescue!

The best part?  I didn’t even tell you about my new favorite toy that I pulled out of the last box.  More on that later…..  Woof, yeah!  ~Rusty~

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Wig Wag!?

Sunday, May 13th, 2012

I’m tryin’ out a cool, new-to-me toy!

I love its shape ‘cuz it’s easy to grab.  Words of warning, though, dawgs:  Before you play with a new toy, ask your humans to wash it well for you with soap & water.  (Be sure to rinse the soap off well.)  As much fun as this toy is, it tasted funny @ 1st.  You can see I made a few “ick” faces in the video.  It was all better after “Mom” washed it several times with animal-friendly Dawn dish washing liquid.  But overall, I agree with Mom:  We’re gonna stick with the heavy duty, inert Zogoflex plastic toys made in America (not China like this toy!) by West Paw Design.  And you should, too.

Only the best for us, pooches!  ~Rusty~


Poodle’s got game!

Tuesday, June 7th, 2011

Wait’s over …. I’m finally showing off my catch game! It’s been a long time coming, but mom was patient with me.  I used to duck when a ball was thrown to me.  But she found a perfectly sized & weighted ball.  (Ruth wants me to tell you that this ball is non-toxic & non-abrasive for my teeth, unlike regular tennis balls.  But, it doesn’t stand up to chewing well, and I’ve gone thru quite a few already, just chewing them as I play fetch.)

Here’s how I learned:  First, mom bounced the ball near me so I could catch it after the 1st bounce.  When I got good @ that, she gently tossed it in the air so I could catch it in the air as it went by me.  No bounce required & not scary!  After awhile, I started to run toward the ball to catch it, so mom knew I was brave enough to catch it if it was tossed to me head-on.  She sat down on the floor, lightly tossed it a short distance toward me, & I grabbed it.  Now I’m a catching machine!  Mad skills, dawgs.  Mad skills.  ~Rusty~



Thursday, June 2nd, 2011

I’ve mastered my catch game! So while my humans are editing video proof of that, I saw this video. Birds & balls?! Seriously, I chase balls, and I chase birds. What exactly should a poodle do with a bird on a ball? Nuff said. Ruff. ~Rusty~


Got game?

Saturday, May 28th, 2011

Remember when I told you I was working on my catch game? Well, I’ve almost got it down, with a twist.  Dad & I are working on a video of my newly acquired skills.  In the meantime, these videos are either inspiring or intimidating.  Not sure which.  Have a wooftastik weekend, dawgs.  Yatta!  ~Rusty~


Is it spring yet?

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011

I’m seriously tired of the rain. But “Dad” & I are pretty creative about passing the time inside when it’s pouring outside.  Check out the little game we played one evening with a special ball he got for me.  I’m feelin’ the love.  ~Rusty~


I want…..

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011

Hey, I’m busy blogging about what I’ve been up to.  (Actually, I’m just a procrastinating poodle.)  In the meantime, I love this pic!  It reminds me of the scenic road trip I took with my humans:  I really wanted those fries on the picnic table!  ~Rusty~

What do I love?

Sunday, February 6th, 2011

I love the good things in life: My forever-home with my humans; toys; play; treats; good food; cuddles; and new adventures.  Fetch & tug with Dad and my new Boing BallPoodle heaven!  (Dad tugs with me because I’m good @ fetch & drop, and I’m not possessive of my toys.  Just growlin’ for fun.)  I hope all your days are one big Valentine’s day, like mine!  ~Rusty~


Feelin’ better & playin’ again!

Thursday, October 14th, 2010

Wow – last weekend was a bummer! I got stung by a bee on my paw & ran back inside to my humans – crying, limping & shaking all the way.  Ouch!   They raced me to the vet because they didn’t know what happened to me.  I’m OK now, just embarrassed about all the drama because I’m not a crybaby.  And Tim made it all better by getting me a new ball.  He’s on a roll!  –Rusty


New toy!

Thursday, October 7th, 2010

I’m having a blast with my new favorite ball (Thanks, Tim!) It glows in the dark, so it’s easy to find under furniture.  And, it’s lightweight – so I’m not scared to try to catch it.  Ruth’s teaching me to catch.  I don’t like the ball thrown straight @ me (poodle trust issues?). But I’m getting better @ catching it on the fly if she throws past me, or after it bounces once.  Someday,  I hope to enjoy an epic catch game like this guy!  –Rusty