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Spring fling!

Monday, March 5th, 2012

I have a serious case of spring fever, pups. 

It all started when my humans took me on a road trip to Mendocino, CA.  I had a blast taking in the views, smelling the flowers & the ocean.  I met amazing animals, including llamas & geese.  (Dawgs, I had no idea there were birds bigger than me!)  Then I slept in a huge bed by a fireplace & an ocean breeze.  Perfect for a princely poodle like myself.

Yeah, I said it.  I’m not hatin’ this sweet life one bit.  ~Rusty~


Road trip!

Sunday, November 14th, 2010

Hey, pooches: Heads-up on some great places to go with your people! My humans & I took some epic, dog-friendly road trips in October.  On the way to Mendocino, we visited Navarro Winery, which has its own little dog park.  In Mendocino, we stayed @ the Standford Inn. They love dogs so much there that they left me a homemade, dried sweet potato treat in the shape of fish, wrapped in a blue bow – on the bed!  (No mints for humans, just goodies for me!)  We walked around their gardens & enjoyed the view from the balcony.  Then we all went to the lounge & hung out by the fireplace.  Our next road trip was to the hills around Lake Sonoma, stopping for noms @ Buns & Burgers in Larkfield on the way back.  (They have a cheezburger machine there, but I ate chicken that Ruth brought for me.  I wanted fries, but “mom” said no because I might get sick.  Bummer.)  Then my humans picked up a few goodies for me in the pet store next door.  The whole time I was super cozy & safe in my new car seat.  Ahh-mazing.  Check out my new video!  ~Rusty~


Fido Fatwa?

Friday, June 25th, 2010

Hi, everyone.  I’m sad today. I just heard that some people in Iran think that dogs are unclean, and they will fine humans found with dogs in their cars!  In my humble opinion, poodles are uber-clean!  And we all know how most dogs love car rides.  Very sad.  But the weekend is coming, the cheezeburger machine will soon be going again, and my buddy, Elliott, is visiting me.  Life’s lookin’ up!