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Wig Wag!?

Sunday, May 13th, 2012

I’m tryin’ out a cool, new-to-me toy!

I love its shape ‘cuz it’s easy to grab.  Words of warning, though, dawgs:  Before you play with a new toy, ask your humans to wash it well for you with soap & water.  (Be sure to rinse the soap off well.)  As much fun as this toy is, it tasted funny @ 1st.  You can see I made a few “ick” faces in the video.  It was all better after “Mom” washed it several times with animal-friendly Dawn dish washing liquid.  But overall, I agree with Mom:  We’re gonna stick with the heavy duty, inert Zogoflex plastic toys made in America (not China like this toy!) by West Paw Design.  And you should, too.

Only the best for us, pooches!  ~Rusty~


Pittie sillies!

Thursday, July 28th, 2011

Hey, as a poodle, I understand breed stereotypes.

Little dogs are mocked, abused, & hauled around like human babies or accessories.  We’re dogs, not stuffed, wind-up toys.  So I feel for my misunderstood brothers-from-another-litter, the pitties.  They get a bad rap, too.  Dawgs, I’m groovin’ to this video.  In honor of their cause, I’m hanging upside down, too!

Aroooo!  ~Rusty~


Celebrate “Pet Dental Month” with me!

Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

Big things to smile about here! My vet cleaned my teeth.  (I told you about that already.)  Now “Mom” helps me keep my teeth & gums healthy.  She brushes my teeth every day with chicken-flavored doggy toothpaste (yum!).  I get big, crunchy biscuits.  And, I just got this cool Bristle Bone!  It has rawhide discs between bristles.  When I chew the rawhide, the bristles brush my teeth & gums.  (Ruth said she might even put my toothpaste on the bristles.)  Big fun – and no doggy breath here!  ~Rusty~


Rusty’s resolutions

Monday, January 3rd, 2011

Happy New Year! I resolve to play, be cozy & cuddle as much as possible – – and maybe smile more for “mom”‘s pictures.  Shouldn’t be a problem!  I shared my B-day toy with you;  I’ll show you what Santa brought me – later.  And, my corgi-pal, Elliott, is visiting again this week.  In the meantime, I’ve got the cozy down already.  Watch!  ~Rusty~


Smile pretty!

Friday, September 24th, 2010

Whew – big day yesterday!  I got my teeth cleaned at the veterinary hospital. I was nervous, but Auntie Tina (the world’s best vet tech!) helped me thru it.  Now that my teeth are sparkling, “mom” says she’ll keep them that way with large, textured treats; chewies; and daily tooth brushing.  (I actually love getting my teeth brushed!  I’ll post a video of that later.)  Professional dentistries are good preventive medicine for dogs like me because it will help me live a long, healthy life.  So take doggie-breath seriously like my “mom” did, & see your vet!  Serious napping now.  (Even woke myself up talking in my sleep.)  –Rusty


My buddy, Bruno

Tuesday, June 15th, 2010

Bruno & I hung out for a few days, and had a blast! He’s fun because he’s all about play; he laughs & smiles a lot.   (I know there are some humans out there who don’t think us dogs smile or laugh, but they’re wrong.  It sounds like this.)  Here’s a quick video of us playing.  We were moving so fast, my mom couldn’t keep up with us with the camera!  If you listen close, you can hear Bruno laughing…..

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