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I workout!

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

Hey, no New Year’s resolutions required here, dawgs!  I’m stayin’ in shape through the holidays.

It’s easy ‘cuz it’s fun!  I eat healthy foodsnacks & chewies.  I go for walks on the beach and family adventures.  Sometimes mom puts my food in toys, so I have to eat slower & exercise while I eat – cool!  I play with friends whenever I can.  Fetch & catch are always awesome.  I even hopped on the treadmill to show you dawgs how I roll!  (There are treadmills for dogs.  Your humans can help you use one safely:  read here, here and here.)  It’s all good ‘cuz I get plenty of R&R and vet care, so I stay happy & healthy.  And my humans love meAwwww…..

Happy Howl-idays, hounds!  See ya’ next year!  ~Rusty~


Celebrate “Pet Dental Month” with me!

Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

Big things to smile about here! My vet cleaned my teeth.  (I told you about that already.)  Now “Mom” helps me keep my teeth & gums healthy.  She brushes my teeth every day with chicken-flavored doggy toothpaste (yum!).  I get big, crunchy biscuits.  And, I just got this cool Bristle Bone!  It has rawhide discs between bristles.  When I chew the rawhide, the bristles brush my teeth & gums.  (Ruth said she might even put my toothpaste on the bristles.)  Big fun – and no doggy breath here!  ~Rusty~


Feelin’ better & playin’ again!

Thursday, October 14th, 2010

Wow – last weekend was a bummer! I got stung by a bee on my paw & ran back inside to my humans – crying, limping & shaking all the way.  Ouch!   They raced me to the vet because they didn’t know what happened to me.  I’m OK now, just embarrassed about all the drama because I’m not a crybaby.  And Tim made it all better by getting me a new ball.  He’s on a roll!  –Rusty