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More hairy issues

Tuesday, July 6th, 2010

Tomorrow’s groomer day. I’ll try to be on my best possible behavior.  (Wish me luck!)  Last time I came back from the groomer, my “mom” said I looked like Bambi.  Now, the day before I go, she thinks I look like this guy. 

Can’t a poodle get a break? -Rusty-


5/30/10 poodle post

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

Elliott, my pal the corgi, wrote to me, with a little help from his mom:

My mother washed me down twice with a special solution, but I am sorry the skunk smell lasted for quite awhile.  I smell good now.  There are a lot of skunks roaming my street so my Mom only takes me for a walk in the daytime.  I think I get into trouble when a skunk comes up to my fence and I go to visit.

I asked Elliott what his mom used to help him smell better; I’ll let you all know as soon as I know!  Elliott also said:

That thunder really scared me.  I was asleep on my Mom’s bed and I jumped right on top of her chest.  She held me tight but I still shook for a long time……  Have a good weekend.  Your buddy, Elliott

I hope  Elliott feels braver on July 4th!  If your pet gets scared of thunder, fireworks or other things, talk to my mom.  She can help!


5/27/10: My 1st post!

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

Hi, everyone! I’m Rusty, a 3-yr.-old miniature poodle. I’m settling into my new forever-home. It’s been really fun so far because I’ve played with lots of dogs, and my new mom & dad love me. They even gave me my own blog so I can give you a poodle’s point-of-view. Cool! I have lots to say about my favorite things, poodle-peeves, my adventures, new friends – and pup culture!

So here’s what’s happening so far: My friend Elliott, the corgi, stayed with me for a month. We had a great time, but he did smell funny. My mom said something about a “skunk“.  I went to the beach where a nice lady gave me a biscuit just for being cute! Last weekend I met Penney, the Havanese/poodle, and Sherman, the pug. We’ll have more time to play this weekend – I’ll post pics later.   This morning, I had to potty in the rain, thunder & lightening.  My mom, Ruth, was nearby cheering me on, so I was brave.  When you gotta go, you gotta go!

Lots more to come: I got new toys, food, a new bed, homemade treats – and lots more I can’t wait to tell you about! Have a great weekend. My dad, Tim, says its going to be sunny & warm here. Woof! –Rusty

A note from Rusty’s “mom”: I introduced Rusty in my Mother’s Day post. We’re so happy to have him in our lives. (For you purists out there, we do realize that we aren’t his “parents”. So please suspend reality & enjoy his blog.) Folks always ask me what toys, food, & products I recommend and/or use for my pets. I’m hoping Rusty’s posts will give you more insight into your pup, as well as new ideas to improve life with your dog. Please contact me to help your new pup make a smooth transition into your home & family!

A side-note about Rusty’s friend, Elliott: He’s adorable, but he did get skunked. Check out our spring post for info on skunk season, including a link to a home-made solution you can wipe on your pup to get rid of the smell. (Hint: Skip the tomato juice!) –Ruth

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